Lefthander-RC XHB High Bite CW Outlaw 4/5 Conversion Kit
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Lefthander-RC XHB High Bite CW Outlaw 4/5 Conversion Kit


Lefthander- RC XHB (Xtreme High Bite) Outlaw 4/5 sprint car conversion kit for high bite rubber tire racing where slicks and higher traction are the norm. This conversion kit has more offset than the standard CW Outlaw 4/5 offset chassis. Use all your existing Outlaw parts to convert. Kit Comes with chassis, 3mm rear tower and front x-shim for under front suspension mounts for more consistent steering on high bite. This chassis is counter sunk and drilled for M3 metric hardware. Your existing front tower will work but the CW3546 Outlaw 5 Laydown front tower and the CW4494 Laydown transmission kit are recommended for extreme high bite racing for best performance. LH201 Brass front x-shim available for more front nose weight. (Sold separately) The servo can be run with direct steering (as pictured) or with the stock bell cranks but you will need to shorten the link that connects the bell cranks. For direct steering you will need (CW4025/4023), or (QS1035-23/25) Plus 3" turnbuckles.
part number - LH200XHB
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