Lefthander-RC Igniter Rear Toe IN Shims
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Lefthander-RC Igniter Rear Toe IN Shims


(4) Steel .5mm (.020") shims for adding toe into the RR of your Igniter Midget or use them on the LR to add or remove LR toe. (1) shim placed between the arm mount and the rear plate will add or subtract 2 Degrees of rear toe. Adding toe IN on the RR will help the car have much more forward drive on looser/bumpier/lower bite outdoor and indoor tracks. NO TOE OUT on Right Rear arm can be added per Midget rules but RR can be toed in and LR can be adjusted either direction. Place shim on screw, tighten screw opposite side from shim first, then tighten screw where shim is being placed.
part number - LH915
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