JConcepts B6.2 Aluminum Rear Hubs-BLACK
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JConcepts B6.2 Aluminum Rear Hubs-BLACK


Left and Right adjustable aluminum B6.2 hubs. The hub carrier is a very important component of an RC race car. Not only does it house the drive axle and support the bearings, it also serves as a major adjustment point to today's vehicles. The JConcepts aluminum hub carriers are precision machined to accept the stock AE hub inserts and also the aluminum camber link mount. One of the highest impact items on the rear of the B6.2 are the hub carriers and the aluminum material helps maintain correct geometry while showing off some anodized luster.

Once the assembly is together and the hex adaptor secured it's time to add other pre-existing components. Slide the plastic hub inserts in the hub while carefully watching the alignment and setting of the hub carrier position. Next, use the FHSCS hub carrier screws and standard aluminum camber link mount and then choice of spacer to determine setup positioning.
part number - JCO28622
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