Custom Works Buckeye Latemodel Body (9.5)
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Custom Works Buckeye Latemodel Body (9.5)


1/10th Scale Buckeye 9.5" Latemodel body. Based off the 9" wide Keystone body this new body has several modifications.

*Increased width to 9.5" for more downforce and better clearance on wider cars like the Dominator.

* Length increased by 1.25" for more stability and more overall downforce. Stepped side panel profiling to provide greater side force stability helpful on low bite and high speed tracks.

*Front splitter has been raised to allow max benefit of body attitude without trimming

*Deep dished headlight detail and expanded fender humps to create more pressure loading for more frontal downforce

Bodies come clear and are painted for advertising only.
part number - CW9071
stock status -Temporarily Out of Stock