Lefthander-RC 1/10th Scale Wing Lightweight- .020 lexan

Lefthander-RC 1/10th Scale Wing Lightweight- .020 lexan


Light weight Lefthander-RC wing best suited for 1/10th Scale indoor carpet racing._br_ _br_ *6.375"Width x 2" chord with 1" adjustable kickup._br_ *Made of lightweight .020" lexan_br_ *Held together with 1/8" screws._br_ *Side dam braces are cut out more than our previous wings_br_ *10grams lighter than standard .030" Lefthander-RC wing._br_ *Recommended for use with BSR wing mounts BSRW1007 _br_ _br_ The great part about this wing is it highly adjustable and side dams can be easily removed and reinstalled to cut down the kickup or chord to the size you want. Small 4-40 screws tap into plastic 90* brace through the chord from the top and through the side dams from the outside. No locknuts needed. By far the most durable and versatile wing on the market.
part number - LHWING20
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